Navigating Life

I know that life doesn’t always turn out the way that we want it to. Even when we spend copious amounts of time strategising our next move whilst simultaneously trying to navigate the terrain that lies ahead. No doubt when things are working in our favour, there isn’t a problem. But what when they’re not? […]

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I’ve been really quiet over these past weeks. I’ve had to press the pause button on the book chapter that I’m working on. And that’s ok. One things for sure, we’re here.  It may  not feel comfortable but in order to get through this, I have to take one day at a time and trust

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Your best gift

If I were to ask you what was your most prized gift, what would you say? Your most expensive dress or something else of sentimental value or even the person closest to you? Could your most prized gift be you? Life has a way of teaching us valuable lessons, but it also has a harsh way

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Life as we’ve known it, has for several months become so different. And while there may have been gradual shifts over time, our lives have instantly changed over night. And for all of us albeit in different ways, life has been testing. Testing our faith, our character and the significance we place on the things

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It’s the start of another season and for some of us, we can breathe a huge sigh of relief because we can wipe the slate clean and just start over! When another season starts we have choices. We can ground ourselves in what we did or did not do and commiserate ourselves  or choose to

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Along the journey of life,  I’ve encountered a number of situations that have been strategically designed to strip away at me and tell me I am nothing. Situations that have stared me bluntly in the face, mockingly drawing me to a place where they’ve wanted me to surrender. Voices have whispered that I don’t quite have what

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I. Am. Amazing!

Who or what is so deserving of me, that I should empower it with the right to undermine me and drown out the voice that tells me I am fabulous, amazing, that I can do whatever I believe I can? The truth is whenever  I give way to fear, make excuses or fail to pursue the things

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