i beg your pardon, marriage proposal, excuse me

Your best gift

If I were to ask you what was your most prized gift, what would you say? Your most expensive dress or something else of sentimental value or even the person closest to you? Could your most prized gift be you?
Life has a way of teaching us valuable lessons, but it also has a harsh way of bending our ears to listen to things we’ve failed to pay attention to. 
I can so readily cast my mind back to the relationship I gave myself to. It  took years of pain for me to face the raw born truth that no one can change a man unless he is ready to and when he is, there is no-one who can do it but the man himself! At the time I recalled reading the words, ‘a man shows you who he is the first time’ but those words didn’t really permeate until I was forced to face some bitter home truths! Believe me, I didn’t need to walk that road again! The truth is, I compromised myself. And I kept on compromising myself without realising or perhaps more truthfully not acknowledging that I was just giving pieces of myself away. 

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