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Life as we’ve known it, has for several months become so different. And while there may have been gradual shifts over time, our lives have instantly changed over night. And for all of us albeit in different ways, life has been testing. Testing our faith, our character and the significance we place on the things we’ve deemed valuable. For many, there has been a stripping away, with each day filled with uncertainty, not knowing what will happen from one day to the next.
Call, At Home, Stay, Contact Lock, Contact Ban
We may not have been quick to embrace change and I’m not embarrassed to join countless others who yearned to turn the clock back to life as we knew it; to snatch back our freedoms and live life where we were more certain of our tomorrows.
But we’re here for a purpose that is unique to each of us.  I’m quickly learning that each day that we are blessed to see is an opportunity to embrace life and express gratitude.

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