Charlene Brown

August 28th 2020
August 28th 2020

About me

First I just want to say thank you for stopping by!

When I first began to write, I wrote for myself, because I didn’t want to expose my writing to the outside world. Not because I was selfish, but because I believed the lie that nobody wanted to read them.

My words have taken me on a journey; one that I am still walking. I have learned that even when my steps have been tentative, I just need to put one foot in front of the other. It is in this place that I learn what I didn’t know yesterday and I am given the opportunity to grow.

I give thanks to God for entrusting me with a pen which I believe has the purpose to inspire and encourage others as well as myself.

We are all on a journey. Whilst my journey will not be the same as yours, there are parts of the journey that we can journey together.

Keep striving to be the best you.


What if…Lifting the lid off your limitations.


Based on her own personal journey, Charlene takes a unique approach designed to help others recognize and deal with any deep-rooted beliefs that may be limiting their ability to live a truly content and fulfilling life.

Packed full of powerful poetry penned by the author, as well as inspirational quotations, and self-reflective questions, you will be encouraged to explore unlimited possibilities. This book can be used as a journal to help you keep track as you discover fresh aspirations and take new steps towards your dreams.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies in front of you

ralph waldo emerson


What if….

What if I believed that I could
rather than I couldn’t,
That I am a queen possessing treasure yearning to be unleashed
That is fear is not my friend but my enemy?

Rather than empower circumstances to dictate my agenda
What if I believed that if I flew, I would soar
That the past is not my future,
and that God’s opinion determines my destiny, and not what others say?

What if I believed that I was uniquely handcrafted to be me
And not a replica of someone else
That there is no failure in making a mistake,
But that it’s better to make mistakes,
Than to walk in fear of being wrong?

What if I accept myself, embrace myself and celebrate all that I am?
Refusing to apologise for my existence – releasing myself of things that have repressed me,
shackled me,
That dictate that I should be weak and not strong?

What if I walk in confidence and authority, instead of fear and insecurity
And trust that I am empowered with all that I need?

I was not designed to be perfect and since my Creator embraces me
And reminds me there is nothing wrong with me
Who am I to say that He is wrong?

Rise up Woman of Strength, and no longer compromise yourself
For when you compromise yourself,
You fail to inherit the promises entrusted to you.

When you compromise yourself you undermine the Creator’s work in you.

What if….


Fear cripples
Yet I
Empower it
With strength
To defeat me
To believe
I cannot,
Before I can
As my friend
I hide
To expose
The enemy that it is.


My life is but a shadow
Hiding the self it has come to know
Faces in the mirror hide
Screams of a child in the desert sand.

Let silent screams be quiet
And the world know where she is free
Painted fingers turning new chapters
Laughter dancing in the street

The Promise

I said I would wait
Like you asked me to
Leaving your food on the table
Curtains of the night shut out the unwelcome
Roads to happiness turning grey.
Stamped letters find no forwarding address
Breezing you in like time can vacuum wasted years
Silence fills our quiet spaces
Lost love finally laid to rest

I. Am. Still. Standing.

Like many of us, I had no idea of what was lurking behind the door as I stepped into 2021.

Coming through the previous year, I was grateful to inhale the freshness of stepping into another and anticipated a year fraught with the expectancy of new opportunities, relieved that I would be leaving the baggage of the year behind. But on entering into the year I slowly realised that the journey I was about to embark on, was not the one I was expecting and if I’m honest, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be ready.

I recall days where I grappled with fear and anxiety, not knowing what world changes were going to be thrust upon me. Uncertainty left me in a place where I no longer wanted to reside and I was left with a whirlwind that began to disturb my world.

Last year was last year and I am still here. Not because I chose to be, but because I am blessed to be.

One thing that has been reinforced to me is that time is short. Life is short and whilst there have been days when I have not seized every opportunity before me, this year God has given me another chance to live more purposefully. More authentically.

Whilst this year, will also present challenges, I believe that God has not designed it that I walk this journey alone. I am purposed to be here for a reason. And so are you.

Let’s live each moment the best we can (or at least try to ) so we will not walk our journeys with regret.

Your life is precious. As is mine. Let’s not waste it.

You wanted me to be silent

You wanted me to be silent
So you could swallow my words
You tried to clip my wings
So I wouldn’t know I could fly
I listened to you intently
Your voice encapsulating me
Caught in the web of the spider
You drew me
Writhing in pain I fought
With my breath to breathe
The air given me/ The air God gave me
No longer free
But I have found my words
And I will speak them
I will not stop
Until I have squeezed the last breath
And what was shackled
Has been released.

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