woman, brunette, lying down

I. Am. Amazing!

Woman, Brunette, Lying Down, Rest, Resting, Young WomanWho or what is so deserving of me, that I should empower it with the right to undermine me and drown out the voice that tells me I am fabulous, amazing, that I can do whatever I believe I can?
The truth is whenever  I give way to fear, make excuses or fail to pursue the things buried in my heart, I choose to give a piece of myself away. It is in this place that I open myself to compromise and agendas that do not belong to me. Frustrations that leave me wrestling in a place that is void of peace. If something is tearing away at me, it really is not exchanging anything positive in return!
Whatever journeys I take through life, the price tag that I wear must be more than the tag that you try and put on me.

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